Charleston, SC | Personal Post

Hello, Charleston! Kellen and I have always had a desire to visit Charleston, South Carolina. We’ve seen a few pictures here and there and have always been attracted to it’s ‘Southern Charm’, so to speak. When the opportunity to head down at the end of July for our first kid free vacation in two years, we gladly jumped at the opportunity. (Special thanks to Mémé, Pépé, Aunt Mal and Uncle Mike and Grammy and Papa for taking such good care of Des while we were gone!)

We started our adventure a little jet legged from our 5:40am flight from Flint, Michigan (the smart way to fly ;)), but ready to explore our adopted city for the week. Before we arrived in Charleston we knew these three things to be true:

1) the food is amazing

2) the architecture is beautiful

3) it is mind blowingly hot.

All were accurate. Especially #3. Like 99 and 90-100% humidity all week. Considering it had been around the same in Michigan the few weeks prior to our trip, #3 wasn’t too much of an adjustment. Minus when I attempted to go for my morning runs. If I hadn’t started by 6:30am. Forget outside and hello treadmill. The humidity just never let up. We just accepted the fact that we would be super sweaty at all times. Please excuse that fact if you notice it in the pictures. 

Of all the things we did (enjoy Waterfront Park, took a historic tour via carriage ride, went on a ghost tour, took a look around the old exchange building and dungeon, walked across the 2.5 mile long Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge, visited Patriot’s Pointe and the USS Yorktown, explored the Citadel, ate at as many amazing restaurants as possible) our favorite thing about the city had to be #2- the beautiful architecture. From the details in the metal gates to the bright colorful houses on Rainbow Row, this coastal town brings great beauty to it’s seaside location.

I’d go into more on how the revolutionary war, civil war, slave trade, several great fires, hurricanes and so many other important events have helped shape this beautiful city, but I would rather just show you pictures of our adventures instead. Enjoy your visual tour of Charleston!

We sure missed this little guy. Now it’s back to reality… He obviously has to catch up on his work after a week off. Nothing like a little multi-tasking.

Charleston, SC | Personal Post